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Stuck to their Web-site, inter-Net or Cell-phone. Caught up in a web, net or cell all through life, yet people claim to be free! 

A. Parthasarathy

The trouble with most folks is not so much their ignorance, as their ‘knowing’ so many things which ain’t so. 

Josh Billings

This above all: To thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.


What is Vedanta?

Vedanta is knowledge of life and living. It investigates the fundamental questions of life logically and expounds the eternal Truth systematically. Offers everyone an opportunity to seek and personally realise the Unknown Reality. Vedanta promotes material prosperity, physical wellness, emotional maturity, intellectual clarity, and spiritual well-being. Render life holistic.


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We teach the wisdom of Vedanta to people across the society without any discrimination of social status, gender or religion.

Gita Discourse

22nd – 26th February, 2023


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Meeting Shri Eswaranji, was a serendipitous moment that adroitly impacted my life. The methodology used in his teachings to break down complex concepts are simple and direct. I am beginning to realize that Vedanta is suitable for Self-management, Self-development and Self-realisation

Smitha H Shetty

Managing Director,Fouress Engineering(India) Pvt Ltd

Vedanta class is a space for my self development and growth, where I am able to focus something beyond my immediate worries and anxieties. This gives me the perspective to handle whatever challenges come in an effective manner. I feel blessed that I am getting access to this profound knowledge.

Mrs. Uma Agarwal

MD, Bhuruka Gases Pvt Ltd

Sri Eswaran’s lectures are simple, persuasive, transparent and thought-provoking. As professionals, we have found his lectures useful and imperative to inculcate in discharging our duties.

Dr. Srinivasan

Orthopedic surgeon

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