Corporate Vedanta

Professionals worldwide increasingly experience an exhausting stalemate at work. Corporations register plummeting initiative in employees, crippling productivity and hence attempt to fertilize work with incentives. Work seems to sap energy, disturb life equilibrium, causing boredom, stress and premature retirement. You seek a paltry bargain in a weekend, vacation or break to recharge life!

The workshop will help you to understand how your inner personality relate to the work. Teaches you to blend work into life with an ideal beyond survival concerns. You then regain your energy, to sport work. Your professional goals are then effortlessly accomplished in the background of a cheerful life. You enjoy inner harmony, harness completeness in life as a person and not merely as a corporate labour at desk. Practice it as your personal and corporate culture.


Skill Enhancing

    • Sincere, not Serious
    • Enhance Qualitative Productivity
    • Demystifying Success
    • Lead the Way
    • Fear & Anger – Cause & Cure
    • Executive Ethics
    • Value Tools for Wealth Management

Life Balancing

    • Re-engineering relationships
    • Parenting – Science, Art & Knack
    • Paradox of Life


    • Learn – 10 Sessions of 75 minutes
    • Live – 4 Weeks
    • Reinforce – Weekly Meetings

Recommended Study Material: Governing Business & Relationships – A. Parthasarathy


    • Graduate from Incentives to Initiative
    • Achieve Quickness & Quality in Decisions
    • Conceive & Work with a Higher Purpose
    • Recharge your Creative potential
    • Heightened Productivity
    • Evolve into Leadership State