Vedanta etymologically means the end of knowledge. It is the ancient Indian Philosophy that enquires into the fundamental questions of life and living. The truths of life that the sages unearthed; spiritual laws that govern humans and their relations with the world. Understanding these laws helps steer life towards enduring peace and lasting prosperity, amidst challenges. Its ignorance leaves a human being undeveloped.

Vedanta provides material prosperity, eternal bliss and equip one for spiritual evolution.

FAQ about Study Classes

The Institute welcomes anyone with a thirst to command material well-being, peace, comfort and spiritual evolution in life.

A firm resolve to study the scriptures and a willingness to actively participate regularly each week in the discussion without giving excuses. We are looking for people who are open minded and respect opposing viewpoints.

No. Not necessary. If you know, it is ofcourse an added advantage. It is recommended to carry the commentary by Swamiji as it contains transliteration, word to word translation and translation of every verse. All the slokas will be chanted in the class and the teacher may recommend essential verses to memorise.

No. There is no fee. However, it is recommended to follow our tradition to offer ‘Guru Dakshna’ to the teacher.

Contact our office to get the information about the classes happening in your area.  We have listed the on going class details in the website.

Yes, you can. Get hold of the recommended ‘Four Books’ and start reading. Log into www.vedantaworld.org to get the CD’s of Swamiji to catch up with the ongoing text in the class you wish to join.

Typically one should be older than 16 years to benefit from this system.

You can. You have to put a little extra effort to come up to the level of the text. Teacher and the class members will help you.

The class starts with an invocatory prayer followed by clarification of doubts from the previous class, if any. Then we proceed with the text in hand.

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