Spiritual Growth is rehabilitation of your mind and subtilization of your intellect to unserstand and pursue the higher values of life. Today’s religious training lacks this focus on developing one’s inner personality, hence there is hardly any spiritual edification in a seeker.

The retreat was conceived and customised to administer practices pertaining to your complete personality, proportion spiritual course to individual need and specification. You got to retreat from your comfort zone for such a powerful learning to take place. The retreat will provide an opportunity to to pause and reflect, to digest and absorb the knowledge of Vedanta. A thorough understanding of Vedanta will make you responsible and integrate the seemingly diverging practices, resulting in personal growth culminating in Self Realisation.

Individual groups and institutions interested in non-religious liberal education for self-development.


      • Philosophy, Theology & Mythology
      • Law of Karma
      • Essential Teachings of Vedanta
      • Universal Spiritual practices
      • The Upanishads