Vedanta for Youth

Develop Intellect, Fend Life

Education system the world over restricts its focus to mere academic growth of a student. Academic growth is important to earn a living. But value-based development is a necessity to make life meaningful, peaceful and productive. Absence of value based education and strong presence of environmental influences gravitates the mind easily towards lower impulses. This accelerates the cultural degradation.

Vedanta trains the youth to optimize concentration and application skills. Facilitates the student to visualize a higher purpose to life beyond survival instincts. It renders action dynamic, feeling pure, thinking clear & conscience noble. This integrated development achieves the real purpose of education.


Part A – Introduction
  • Education MAP
  • Making of a Man
Part B – Application
  • Mechanism of Mind
  • Positive Vs. Negative Thinking
  • Success Recipe
  • Intellect over Intelligence
  • Life Motivators
  • Visioning Life & Career Building
Part C – The Essence
  • Value Your Values
  • Paradox of Life

Course Schedule

The program is directed to Undergraduate and Graduate level students. The course consists of 10 sessions; one session for a week. Each topic will be for a duration of 45 minutes followed by Q/A session.

Options of course schedule can be five days of two topics each or ten days of one topic each, to cover the entire course of ten topics.